[Global Excess]

[Global Excess] [Global Excess] The 'Enough' Campaign was set up in April 1992. Based in Manchester, it comprises fifteenish youngish activists, who have a variety of backgrounds (but none of whom currently has a really proper job). We have organised two National 'No-Shopping' Days (thereby winning TimeOut's 1993 "Scrooge's Last Desperate Stand Against Christmas Award"), built one nine-foot manic puppet, set up one mobile lounge in the streets of Manchester, written and distributed countless leaflets and even more begging letters, placed a variety of subversive articles in esteemed publications and held workshops at respectable meetings, lobbied the grown-up campaign groups, had two songs written for us, appeared one on national TV (they got sick of us at the local radio station), confessed to 754 acts of rampant consumerism (between us, not each), used hundreds of commas, and influenced no Tory MPs at all. . . and all this in only two years! But our real moment of glory occurred shortly before our first meeting, when a local DJ began our interview with the immortal line "But you look like normal people..." To which the only possible reply was, "Only because our hairshirts are in the wash".

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